The art of the perfect interview

23rd July 2019

Job interviews are an inevitable part of life. We all must go on them to launch, develop or reignite our careers no matter what level of seniority or sector you’re currently working in. Some of us may change jobs reasonably frequently but others may be comfortable within one role or one company for many years before having the urge to look elsewhere.

Interviews are a carefully crafted art which aim to show deep insight into a person within a short space of time to showcase attributes and aptitudes. They demand far more than a one-size-fits-all approach. However, there are some rules to apply to an interview which can increase the chances of securing that job offer.

Here, we look at some tricks of the trade and how to perfect the job interview.

Time is of the essence

We’re all busy – and the person who is interviewing you is as well. They have a job to do alongside looking after recruiting for this new role. So, get to the point, provide direct answers to the questions and elaborate only as much as it necessary.

Having said that, by getting to the interview stage, you have already demonstrated that you are worthy of their time. Only 2% of applicants are called for an interview. So, consider your answers, pause when necessary and answer fully to showcase your knowledge and practical experience.

Preparation is key

The chances are that you already know a little about the company, which is what prompted you to apply in the first place. However, ensure you still set aside some time to delve a little deeper before the job interview takes place. Research has shown that 47% of employers would not offer a job to someone who had only limited knowledge of the company. Get online and browse through their website, check their social media, search for any recent PR coverage and read any news stories. Then, reference that knowledge when appropriate during the interview process.

Think about other ways to create a strong first impression. You’re under the microscope from the minute you enter the office until you leave so think about how to behave every step of the way. One study found that 33% of managers say that they knew whether they would hire someone in the first 90 seconds. So, have a couple of small talk conversation starters up your sleeve to break the ice before the interview gets underway. Keep the questions coming throughout the interview itself too, specifically about the job, to show you’re keen to learn more about them too.

The star approach

An interview is about showcasing your skills in the best possible light. An interviewer is likely to want you to use STAR method in order to succinctly answer a behavioural-based question. The STAR method is being presented with a Situation, what Tasks were required of you, the Activities you actually did and the Result of your actions. This question format requires a very specific example to quantify your success. So, have a couple ready to use when the time comes. Keep it short, sweet and end it on a positive note about the lasting impact of your actions.

Honesty is always the best policy

Of course, when it comes to a job interview, you should be truthful about all your professional background and experience. However, there’s also no harm in being direct about your real reasons for wanting the job. This could cover everything from respect for the company’s work, your belief that you could do a good job and that you really want the job in the first place. Passion is key within the workplace – so prove that you have it in abundance.

Positivity is the way forward

Aviation, like many industries, is a small world. Paths can cross and working relationships may exist in the most unexpected of circumstances. So, never badmouth a former employer or employee, no matter what the circumstances. It demonstrates a poor attitude and a negative personality. You also never know what connections exist and you could be speaking out of turn about a colleague or a friend.

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