Reasons to choose a career in aviation.

6th August 2019

There is no denying that the aviation industry is exciting, diverse and full of vibrancy. It takes an army of people to transport and take care of the 4.1 billion passengers who are carried by the world’s airlines every year.* And that army needs people like you to keep it moving.

The aviation industry is the perfect place to either start, establish or develop a thriving career. Here, we have a look at just what makes the aviation industry a great place to reach new heights both professionally and personally.

Variety is the spice of life

You may be forgiven for thinking that careers in aviation only take place in the skies. That’s not the case. The aviation industry keeps ticking over thanks to a huge network of skilled, manual and professional teams working on the ground too. These could be public-facing roles such as security personnel or back-of-house roles like aircraft engineers. It could be the ones which we have all heard about such as baggage handlers. Or, it could be the lesser-known roles such as passenger experience designers. Each and every role is a craft in itself which requires skill, precision, specialist knowledge and dedication. Aviation careers are not usually the type of roles you stumble into. So, your colleagues are likely to be a highly motivated and talented bunch.

Job security

The aviation industry is strong and many industry experts predict that it will just continue to grow too. In the uncertain times which we currently live in, there’s comfort in knowing that your job, as well as your chosen sector, is as safe as houses. A recent report by the Air Transport Action Group found that 10.2 million people work directly in the aviation industry and that this is just set to increase in the coming years. The highest forecast growth will be in the aviation sectors in Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Planes will always fly and so there will be a relentless need for the people who make that happen in a variety of different roles and ways.


Aviation is, of course, a global industry with job opportunities coming up around the world on a very regular basis. A career in aviation provides you with easily transferable skills which could mean a professional lifetime travelling to and living in places which may have otherwise fallen below your radar. Yes, you won’t get the time to tour every city you fly into – but you will get more opportunities than most to experience what the world has to offer.

Although it is widely accepted that an aviation career can mean long hours, and that it is far from a 9-5 job in most cases, there are reams of benefits which outweigh these occupational drawbacks. It may need to be organised with military precision and with a fair amount of notice but most aviation companies reward their staff with a decent holiday allowance – and discounts to take advantage of during that time off too. Manchester Airport, for example, offer 50% off holiday airport parking. Virgin Atlantic offers a staff travel scheme where employees just pay for the taxes on flights. British Airways runs friends and family discounts for employees. Develop a career in aviation and you may soon find out that you have more friends than you think!

Make a difference

It only takes one piece of the travelling puzzle to fall out of place to have hard-hitting consequences. Ever lost your baggage when you have been on a flight? How about got held up waiting for baggage or cargo to be loaded on a plane? Or, found it hard to navigate around an airport you haven’t been to in order to make that connecting flight? Although these things occasionally do happen, teams of people work around the clock to minimise the chances of ever experiencing such inconveniences. So, careers in aviation should come with job satisfaction by the bucket load. And that’s before we even talk about the pleasure of flying a plane…

A career in aviation means that the world is your oyster. Here at Oaklands Global, we’re specialists in finding the right roles for people like you both on the ground and in the skies.

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