How to hire and retain the best talent

29th October 2019

In a fast-paced recruitment market, established and entrepreneurial businesses are in a constant race to find the talent they need to continue leading the field or to scale rapidly. Hiring premium talent offers businesses the competitive edge they need to stay on top.

The Oaklands Global team has put together some top tips for bringing the best on board through your recruitment process.

Hiring the best of the best

  • First impressions count

We feel it’s important to treat candidates as though they are customers. Show them that you’re excited about getting to know them, be respectful of their time and be the host with the most. ‘Would you like a drink?’ ‘Feel free to contact me anytime with questions after the interview.’

You are selling yourself to them as much as they’re selling themselves to you!

  • Engaging the right recruitment consultancy

Making sure you engage the right recruitment consultancy is critical. Are they aligned with your objectives? Do they appreciate your values and understand your culture? Do they have specific experience in your industry and do they have a track record of success recruiting the professional that you need?

The key to finding the right person is to make sure your agent understands your role and has a strong and relevant network. If your agent is simply posting a job ad and waiting for applications, you could do this yourself. You are paying for a service, make sure it’s worth it.

  • Be social media savvy

With the world turning to social media, it is important that companies portray themselves in the best light and have a good online presence. If you have regular staff socials or state-of-the-art offices, let the world know. People want to work in fun, professional working environments.

So, you’ve done it. The crème de la crème is yours. The cream of the crop is about to join your business and help take it to unimaginable heights. Congratulations! But you’re not finished yet. Take it from the experienced Oaklands Global team – as an employer you should not be resting on your laurels. You should be facing your next and immediate challenge head on – holding on to that dream hire.

Here are some of Oakland Global’s top tips for retaining top talent:

  • Make them feel welcome and secure from the get-go

Go to great lengths to create a super positive onboarding experience for your newest employee through open communication and an investment of your time to ensure they feel welcome and fully supported through adequate technology, education and patience.

  • Employee Wellbeing

With mental health at the forefront of our collective consciousness (finally!) employee wellbeing is of supreme importance. Employees are not machines and you never know what life is like for them outside of work. Treat people as you would like to be treated yourself.

  • Continual support

Offering frequent praise and constructive criticism throughout the first working week is not enough. For an employee to feel valued they must know that leadership is aware of their presence and their contribution as well as challenges they may be facing for the duration of their time in the company.

  • Be warm yet constructive

Communicate directly, honestly and in person. A critical email or voice message is enough to make anyone want to walk away.

Follow these simple guidelines to hire and retain the best workers in the market – good luck!

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