Flight hacks to make the most of your time in the air

7th May 2019

In the era of plane travel, we increasingly are likely to spend some time in an aircraft cabin for business or pleasure. In fact, UK residents spent £44.8 billion on trips abroad in 2017, which was 2% more than in 2016. With direct flights being the preferred option, we can therefore expect that journey time to be a little lengthy. So, how do we make the most of our time in the skies? Here’s our top tips to ensure you always have a pleasant flight.

The best ways to sleep

Not all of us can afford the luxury of a flat bed in business class. And there’s only so many extra leg room seats available. So, how do you try to get some rest whilst on board? Recline your seat – a 135 degree angle is thought to be best to minimise the pressure put on your spinal discs. Wear loose clothing for comfort but also to minimise the risk of DVT, along with other steps such as flight socks. Fasten your seatbelt over the top of any clothing or blankets so it’s easily visible by cabin crew when doing their checks. Stay hydrated, don’t drink too much alcohol and eat well but not heavily.

What happens behind closed doors

We all know that nature continues to call even when cruising at a height of 35,000 feet. Although airplane bathrooms are (usually) anything but luxurious, their predecessor was much worse. The modern vacuum toilet wasn’t patented until the 1970’s and the first one was installed in 1982. Before that, it was a far less convenient box and a significant amount of cleaning product. So, make the most of the facilities and enjoy the pros of modern air travel.

Maximise the entertainment system

Long haul flights often come with an overwhelming selection of entertainment options to enjoy during the journey. Have a good browse and make your selections early on. Be aware of running times so you’re not left on a cliff hanger when the plane starts its descent to your destination. However, do give yourself some time away from the screen if you intend to have a sleep. Just like the impact of our mobile phones, staring at the mini TV and the bright light it emits can reduce the chances of your chances of getting any shut eye whilst in transit.

Treat yourself

Ever watched enviously as fellow passengers swan into the VIP lounge and you’re left in the queue for a table at the chain restaurant in the busy departures area? Do some research before you get to the airport and you could enjoy some luxury as your trip gets underway too. There’s lots of deals out there for VIP lounge access, which may cost just the same as that hastily thrown together meal elsewhere.

It may even put you in the mood to ask for that cheeky upgrade – which isn’t outside the realms of possibility, according to the experts.

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